Thursday, April 05, 2007


After Oestrus bunnying at Sly with Zoo and others - with the Sydney debut of my fabby chocolate vulvas, and wonderful performances by Wife - who managed to incorporate cats and aproning..... dribble........ and the lurverly Lillian Starr..... I will be hocking my ass on Good Friday for the first time in years. We'll see if guilt over the death of the consort keeps the men away.

I really should be spending tomorrow weeping at the foot of a cross, for he whom I have anointed for burial, and performing menstruation/ fertility rituals with blood red eggs, however, for the sake of my purse, I'll stick to the activities of the profane harlot, this year. After all it's not the right time for this festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

For the non-sacred whore/ pagan types who want to know what I'm on about, leave a comment. And have a nice time over the long weekend, everyone.


Sarah said...

You mentioned "Jitterbug Perfume" before - you probably have already read "Skinny Legs and All," but just in case you hadn't.

whoretic said...

Thanks Sarah.... I also lurve Skinny Legs and All.... always convinced at the end of any Tom Robbins novel that he has indeed come up with the answer to how patriarchy happened.

mayhem said...

Death of the consort?

do you mean jesus or were you stealing my epitehts for flkey bioboys?

whoretic said...

I'm playing with the theory that Jesus was a 'priest'playing the role of the Goddess's consort, who dies, thus the Goddess mourns and the world experiences winter, when the crops whither.... then he is born again and she rejoices, so the world blooms. There is a belief amongst some folk that Mary Magdalene was a temple whore/ harlot (priestess), thus performing the sacred sexual initiations in the name of the Goddess (either Ishtar or locally, Har or Hor).