Thursday, April 26, 2007

International Whores Day Events in Sydney

International Whores Day has a rich history, starting in 1975 when a group of sex workers staged a sit in at a Church in Lyon in France, to protest the discrimination against sex workers.In Lyon, France on June 2 1975, sex workers and their supporters took over a church and staged a sit in over a number of days. The action was in protest against the increasing number of arrests of street sex workers, police harassment of them and the lack of interest shown by the police in solving murders and other crimes committed against them. This action inspired other sex workers around the world to start to organize themselves politically, giving birth to the sex worker rights movement that we have today. International Whores Day has been described as the sex workers Stonewall.

In Sydney this year, Scarlet Alliance: Australian Sex Workers Association and local sex worker groups are putting on a number of events around Inernational Whores Day in Sydney.

There is a workshop for sex workers only for developing skills in dealing with the media (contact me or Scarlet Alliance for more info)


Film Night! Short films by and about sex workers all over the world, and a sneek peak at local talent also! See a few Australian premieres as well as some old favourites. Come and be entertained by sex workers stories on film.

Who: Everyone

When: Thursday 31st May, 7pm – 9pm

Where: 349 Crown Street, Corner of Albion Street, Surry Hills

How Much: $10

International In-Service on International Sex Workers! From Taiwan to Phnom Penh, from Poland to Bangladesh, the intrepid travellers of the Scarlet Alliance Migration Working Party will present on issues at home and abroad. This is a fundraiser for the future travel of members of the Working Party.

Who: Everyone, please RSVP to or 9326 9455

When Wednesday 6th June, 10.30 for an 11am start – 2pm

Where: 349 Crown Street, Corner of Albion Street, Surry Hills

How Much: $50, includes lunch.


Red Umbrella Solidarity Event! This afternoon will be one to remember!!! We ask supporters to show solidarity with sex workers and keep the customs of International Whores Day alive. In Lyon, France, in 1975, supporters of sex workers joined in unity with local sex workers to ensure the sex workers' children were not taken away by authorities. This important gesture of community spirit still means so much today – we would love to see you at Sydney Opera House on the 3rd of June. Bring red umbrella, colourful mask and sense of fun!

Who: Sex Workers and Supporters

When: Sunday 3rd June, 2pm

Where: Sydney Opera House Forecourt

How Much: Free!

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