Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My new femme crush

is here: sublime femme

because of this quote:

High Femme— Lesbian or queer gender marked marked by a highly stylized and aestheticized form of femme gender expression or identity. Uses exaggeration, artifice, and/or theatricality to denaturalize femininity. When combined with parody or irony, the effect achieved is akin to drag: femininity in quotes. No particular style of dress or external signifiers; may or may or may not wear dresses, heels, and/or makeup. May or may not be a “bottom” or a “top” in a sexual situation; may or may not partner with butches, studs, or stone butches. No particular personality traits. May be passive and demure or aggressive, independent, strong, etc. Not equivalent to a lipstick lesbian or stone femme. *

And discussions of the fact that high femme is not better, more worthy or classier than femme, or low femme, or any other variations.

I also like that sublime femme knows that high femme doesn't have to be an expensive, elitist demonstration of class. Most of my best femme wear include lurid pink polyester negligees from local thrift shops for $6, and hair accessories from the kids wear section of shops because they have cupcakes on them, or home made creations, because everything in the shops were too tasteful and dull for my desires.