Friday, December 01, 2006

Fight the Right

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Many exciting things on the internet. Some of my current favourites include this site for Ladies Against Women, a parody of the anti-feminist women of the Reagan era - almost as terrifying as the surrended wives movement and Ladies against Feminism. However, I want several Ladies Against Women badges, such as Born to Clean and Close your Eyes and Do your Duty.

I'm also a fan of that looks at one of the other insane abominations from Leviticus other than the thou shalt not fuck person with similar bits to you section.

With the scary rise in the religious right in Australia, I'm interested in performance protest as a creative way of being heard. I love the idea of using creative performance protest against the scary rise of right wing christianity in Australia. I want to picket along with a group of loopy christians holding a placard saying god hates shrimp. The only thing freaking me out about Ladies Against Women is that I think they look great, rather than silly..... It's a femme thing.

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Madam Phantasm said...

found my way here through procrastinatory explorations of mayhem's links...

I loved the vexed looks on the faces of that new breed of pro-lifers who 'promote the advancement, well-being and freedom of all women' through 'family values' and victimising women who have abortions or support other women's right to access them, when I showed up to one of their public events with pro-choice materials dressed in 1950's finery replete with pearls and gloves - I think they thought I was one of them until they read the leaflets and heard what was coming out of my mouth.

If parts of the religious right (and the right in general) are operating though attempts to be mistaken for the moderate left I like the idea of creative protesting that subverts their identity markers and logic for the forces of good!!