Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gotham Whores - an invitation from SEX WORKER RIGHTS ACTION COALITION

Marrickville Council are in a fix!! They are in the dark about sex worker rights, are sure that the only way to stop sex workers being a magnet for disease and crime is 'cap' our numbers!!!
Sounds like a job for the ....

Gotham Whores!!!

6.00pm 2-14 Fisher Street, Petersham
Tuesday 6th March
Come along and join the caped crusaders as we save Marrickville Council from itself. Dress Gotham.

Sex workers and supporters most welcome.


Dr Nic said...

Directly across from my flat! Go you – consider me supporting in absentia as I'm still at work.

whoretic said...

Hi Dr Nic! Thanks for your support. Hope to see you at the next one, maybe.